Collect Classic Cars

Collect Classic Cars

A fleet of fast cars is the stuff of millionaire dreams, and luckily for you, a mega-million jackpot win on Super Lotto World would make all the new wheels on your wish list a reality! 


While it’s commonly agreed that cars are more of an expense than an asset, there are certain vintage models that re-sell for a pretty penny. In fact, Knight Frank’s Wealth Report 2019 lists classic cars as the second highest luxury-investment item – after rare whiskies – for would-be investors, with an overall 258% asset value increase over the last decade. 

Last year, the two stand-out sales were both for 1960s Ferrari 250 GTOs, the first resetting the auction record when it sold for US$48 million, and the second selling privately for US$70 million. Overall, the rare classic car index listing 50 models increased by more than 2% in 2018, although some models, Porsche included, dropped by over 6%. 


But hey, you’ve got to get around somehow, and while your pockets are weighed down by your lotto payout, you might as well splash out on something fast and rare with a high ROI. 


So whether it’s a custom-designed luxury Rolls Royce or a thrill-seeking sports car that blows your hair back, it’s best to bet on a collection of vintage model to increase their value. Take your chances on Super Lotto World now to start your classic car collection. 


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