Elgordo Lotto

8,200,000 EUR

Ticket Type Ticket Price Max Payout
official EUR 2.55 8,200,000 EUR
insured EUR 0.80 10,000 EUR
bet EUR 0.00 10,000 EUR

Win with EL GORDO Lotto

Win big in the Spanish El Gordo Lotto if you correctly bet on 6 winning numbers. With jackpot pay outs starting at €5 million, it has earned its name which directly translates to “The Big One”.

How to play

  • Pick 5 random numbers from 1 – 54
  • Pick an additional “Key Number” number from 1 – 9

The El Gordo Lotto draw takes place weekly, every Sunday night at 21h00 CEST. Place your bets on the El Gordo lottery game online on Super Lotto World at least one hour before the live draw. Super Lotto World will publish and email the winning numbers shortly after the