How Do Online Lotteries Work?

How Do Online Lotteries Work?

A winning lottery ticket is the stuff of dreams… assuming you can keep it safe and secure until you claim your fortune. While playing online erases the risk of losing your ticket, you might still have some questions about the hows and whys. Here’s the lowdown on how official, betting and insured picks play out on Super Lotto World.

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Buy Official Lottery Tickets

Play directly in international lottery games and stake your claim on the biggest global payouts the straightforward, old-fashioned way. Official tickets work much like buying a ticket directly from a retailer, except you’re choosing your numbers online. To play, click on your preferred lottery game; select “Play” next to the Official ticket type; choose which draws you’d like to play in; and type in your selected numbers. Super Lotto World then buys the ticket directly from the lottery on your behalf. It is exactly like buying it from a vendor, but instead of a physical piece of paper, you have a digital version of the ticket. Super Lotto World offers a Quick Pick tool and the option to add multiple lines of numbers to increase your chances.


Buy Betting Lottery Tickets

Opting to Bet works much the same as purchasing Official tickets, except that you are not playing directly in international lottery games. Instead, you predict or place bets on the potential outcomes of these games, but rather than winning the full jackpot prize advertised for that draw, you win a cash prize predetermined by Super Lotto World. This method allows you to participate in games that would otherwise be out of your jurisdiction.


Buy Insured Lottery Tickets

An insured ticket type works much the same way as betting, except when you place your wager on the outcome of the lottery, Super Lotto World then forwards this bet on to a third-party insurance company to cover the costs of big wins. The benefit of this purchase type is a guaranteed larger payout than the betting model – set by Super Lotto World – even though you aren’t playing directly for the international jackpot prize.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, place your bets or make your picks for the next big lottery draws today!