Lavish Lifestyle 101

Lavish Lifestyle 101

The best things in life are free, but with a pocket full of your new Super Lotto World winnings, you can afford to enjoy the finer things too. 

Wondering what you’ll spend your mega-million jackpot on? These splurges are a must for a lavish lifestyle:

Boat from lotto winnings


High-Flyer Vacations

Forget jetting off to five-star beach resorts or safari lodges! For the mega rich, vacations are as exclusive and luxurious as they come. Wherever your wanderlust takes you, you can afford to get there in style and stay in the lap of luxury. Hire a private island for thirty or so of your nearest and dearest, charter a superyacht for a week, rent out extravagant suites in the world’s most exclusive hotels, or rub shoulders with the rich and famous on Necker Island or Saint-Tropez. 

Holidays by winning lotto


Look the Part

Nothing quite flaunts a fortune like a sparkly collection of jewels and accessories. Look the part in your lavish lifestyle by spending a pretty penny on all the red-carpet glitz and glamour your treasured heart desires. From diamond-studded custom phone cases to solid gold laptops, with mega millions in your bank account, you don’t have to stop at watches and earrings.  

The winning lotto look


Move Like A Millionaire 

Private plane, chartered superyacht and a fleet of fast cars are a must for the millionaire’s club, but don’t stop there. Arrive in style with your very own custom-designed Bentley, complete with suited chauffeur and champagne on ice.


Fine Wine and Dine

Expensive taste? No problem! The last step to enjoying the spoils of your Super Lotto World winnings is a belly full of the best champagne and caviar your millions can buy. With mega millions to your name, you can fill your shopping cart with all the wagyu beef, saffron, truffles and foie gras that tickle your taste buds.

Lotto winnings sushi

Ready to start living your best life? Pick your favourite lottery and take your chances on Super Lotto World today to win your way to a seat in the millionaire or billionaire’s club.