Poland LOTTO

Poland Lotto

18,000,000 PLN

Ticket Type Ticket Price Max Payout
official PLN 5.45 18,000,000 PLN
insured EUR 0.80 10,000 EUR
bet EUR 0.00 10,000 EUR

Win Big with the Polish LOTTO

Match all 6 numbers in the Polish Lotto to walk away a Euro millionaire! At €1 per single-line play, this lottery has earned a reputation for being one of the best-value games in Europe with jackpot pay outs up to €9 million.

How to play

  • Pick 6 random numbers from 1 – 49

The Polish Lotto takes place three time a week, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 20h40 CET. Play in the Polish Lotto online on Super Lotto World at least one hour before the live draw to be in for a shot at any winnings. Super Lotto World will publish and email the winning numbers shortly after the draw has taken place.