Hey, Big Investor!

Hey, Big Investor!

We’re all for celebrating your multi-million lotto win with a six-figure shopping spree, but if want your money to last a lifetime, you’ve got to spend at least some of it with sense. 


While we at Super Lotto World are no Wolves of Wall Street, the guys at Knight Frank have done their homework on luxury-item investment trends. Their 2019 Wealth Report lists assets with high-value returns so you can spend and invest at the same time: two birds, one swipe. Here are the top four:



582% increase in asset value over 10 years.

Make a splash in liquid gold by spending your winnings on rare whisky such as a hand-painted bottle of The Macallan 1926, which sold at Christies for $1.5 million last year. 



258% increase in asset value over 10 years.

While you may be tempted to dish out top dollar for a brand new custom designed Rolls Royce, your best choice for increasing the resale rate of a luxury vehicle is in classic cars. Last year, a 1960s Ferrari 250 GTO set an auction record when it sold for $48 million.



193% increase in asset value over 10 years.

Now that your bank account is flush with your new fortune, you can fill your old piggy bank with collectible coins. Last year, a 1621 Polish gold 100 ducat coin set a national record when it was sold for $2.2 million by the Classical Numismatic Group. 



189% increase in asset value over 10 years.

Stamp your mark in the vintage collector’s scene with a rare, high-value postage stamp. The most expensive in the world the 1856 British Guiana 1-cent Magenta sold in 2014 for $9.5 million, while last year, the 1918 Jenny invert 24 cent became the most expensive US stamp sold at auction for $1.6 million.


Other top luxury asset investments include fine wine, art, watches, coloured diamonds, jewellery and furniture. To stake your claim in the world’s most valuable assets, play your pick of Super Lotto World’s games today!