Winning with Whisky

Winning with Whisky

How would you celebrate your mega-million jackpot win on Super Lotto World? Filling your swimming pool with the finest French champagne is one way, but according to the guys at Knight Frank, your new fortune may be better spent on an exorbitant premium bottle of whiskey. If you can fight the temptation to drink it, that is.


There’s a reason the likes of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos – the current richest man in the world, no less – is an avid collector of the world’s finest whiskies. According to Knight Frank’s Wealth Report 2019, whisky is top of their list of high-return luxury assets for would-be investors.

Overall, the world’s 100 rarest and most valuable whiskies according to their Rare Whisky Index (KFRW100) increased in total value by nearly 40% just last year alone. The two record-breaking single malt Scotch whiskies were both hand-painted bottles of The Macallan 1926, one selling at £700 000 in October last year and the second for over £1 million by Christies in November. Considering another of The Macallan 1926 bottles sold for only £5000 twenty years ago, it’s definitely worth keeping these rare bottles sealed for at least a decade or two before attempting to resell (not drink!) them.


That said, not all of the KFRW100 whiskies shared the same 528% value growth of The Macallan bottles: 21 bottles lost value, and the bottom ten dropped in value by 27%. Like all investments, whiskies can be risky too!


If you like your investments liquid and your gold bottled, it may be worthwhile stocking your top shelf with some of the world’s finest and rarest whiskies. Take your chances on Super Lotto World now to start collecting.


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